African Chapati

by Keesha
Keesha's African Chapati

If there is one dish that unites Kenyans during a party it is Chapati. Chapati is unleavened flat bread, either white or brown. Although everyone loves it, only a few people understand how to prepare high-quality Chapati. Therefore, those who can’t, will often buy it at restaurants, supermarkets or hire a chef to cook it.

Usually eaten with meat or vegetable stew, it is often served at special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or holidays. It is however during Christmas where you will find most families serving Chapati to their loved ones. In Kenya, Christmas is not Christmas without Chapati! In summer, I love to have a light salad with Chapati for lunch and in winter I enjoy it with a hot vegetable stew. Personally, I love it as a light snack or appetizer together with Hummus or Harissa.


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