About Me

by Keesha

My name is Keesha and I consider myself a food enthusiast. Every time I cook I feel like composing a song, painting a picture and writing a book at the same time. I am never afraid to try something new. I believe that love, color and passion are more powerful than perfection.

In the kitchen I reflect and let my mind wander. Every meal is unique and an expression of my spirit. I combine traditional dishes with modern cuisine and set a high value on fresh and local ingredients.

I am convinced that tropical food will find its way into the Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris, New York and Hong Kong. I wish to make my contribution by sharing and promoting the essence and the beauty of the African and Caribbean cuisine.

My style can be described as classy yet elegant. I cherish fruits and love to play around with spices. My passion has always been to bring people together and to offer them something special. Such moments are priceless to me.

Food is an experience. This experience is my obsession.